Free Pick Up and Delivery
We know you are busy, that is why Hygienic Dry Cleaners will bring the quality Service that you are accustomed to right to your Home or Office free. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
View the video clip included on this page to see exactly how this works. We can provide 100’s of testimonials of your friends and ours that “Love” this service. Our Route Supervisor would love the opportunity to discuss this invaluable service with you in person. Just call me, Grady (1-888-292-0601)

    • We supply the express bag. We will give you your own personal express bag for your garments with all the processing information on it.
    • The rest is up to us, we will handle it all with care. Your order will be professionally cleaned, packaged and returned to you ready to wear. This means no last minute rushes to the cleaners as it will be home or at work, ready for you! We will even bill your credit card directly!
    • Bring it to work with you or leave it on your porch. No need to call as we will stop by on the assigned day and pick it up automatically and return it on the next scheduled day. We can even make unscheduled pick-ups if you contact us by 8 AM. The best part is that you don’t even need to be home to receive this service!


Dry Cleaning


Expert Alterations
Our professional tailors handle alterations and repairs, whenever you need them. We enjoy a long-held reputation for expert textile repairs, quality alterations and precise reweaving. Also, restyling is offered for fur coats and jackets needing a new profile or general updating.

Wedding Gown Service
Hygienic Dry Cleaners provides wedding gown cleaning and preserve gown in a sturdy acid neutral Bridal Keepsafe  box 31.5” X 21.75” X 11” (Full-Size) or 27” X 19.5” X 7.25” (Mid-Size). Smaller boxes are available with outer shipping box. Hygienic Dry Cleaners uses virgin solvent on all dry-cleaned gowns

Household Items
Using virgin solvents (non-recycled) with our proven Hygienic dry cleaning process will ensure your household items smell fresh and look their best again. We can dry clean your pillows, sheets and comforter. We will take-down, clean and install your curtains and draperies. We offer various rugs, leather and suede cleaning, reweaving, repair and stain removal professional services.

Seasonal Storage
Protect your precious fur and other garment investments from temperature and humidity changes in the storage vault at Hygienic Dry Cleaners. Furs do not like heat, light, humidity and odors like perfumes that will linger and damage the fur. Send your fur or other fashionable garments on its summer vacation beginning in April and it will be ready for the cold weather each November.